We are two data scientists who met in grad school and have been chit-chatting about math, coding, philosophy, and general nerdery ever since. Mike had the bright idea of starting a blog, and Dave came up with the snappy name Breaking Bayes, and everything that followed is what you see here.

In keeping with tradition, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about ourselves. So here it goes.

About Dave

I studied Physics and Philosophy as an undergrad at UC Berkeley, then trekked across the country to study formal modeling at CMU, graduating with an MS in Logic, Computation & Methodology. My niche as a data scientist is strongly on the mathematical/theoretical side of things, although I’m making great efforts to balance that out by learning more about technical/computational things that will help me with implementation.

Aside from work stuff… I’m a musician, gamer, and avid consumer of TV shows where everyone is good-looking and has powers. I’m a cat person.

About Mike

My formal studies began at North Carolina State University, where I earned a BS both in Computer Science and Philosophy. I then moved on to Carnegie Mellon where I earned an MS in Logic, Computation & Methodology in 2009. Currently ABD in the same program.

I lean mostly in the direction of algorithms design and specialize in real-time decisioning (regression and classification alike) across large scale data streams and feature discovery/engineering.